Kenan-Flagler IT strongly recommends that you purchase a Windows laptop.
Flat Devices 
Regular laptop computers (Windows or Mac) will not be allowed in the classroom for core MBA courses. Only flat devices are allowed in the core MBA courses.
Software Compatibility 
There are several programs/Excel Add-Ins required for coursework that do not run on the Mac OS. This is decision that the software vendor has made and is out of our control. Most programs that you will need can be used on your Mac via Virtual Lab, but not all of them. Instructions for using Virtual Lab can be found on our KnowledgeIT site or
While there is a version of Office for the Mac operating system (Office 2011), it does not have all of the functionality of Office for Windows and the layout of Office 2011 can be significantly different than Office 2010 or Office 2013.
Running Windows on an Apple Computer 
You can use Bootcamp to have a separate partition on your computer from which to run Windows. Having this partition uses up a considerable amount of hard drive space and may make your computer run a little slower. Many MacBook Airs we have seen only have about 120GB hard drives and we recommend at least 75GB of that be used for the Windows partition. UNC's ITS Response Center (ITRC) can set up Bootcamp on your Apple laptop. Information about their locations and hours can be found at UNC also sells Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI) Apple laptops that already have Boot Camp set up on them. Please see the UNC Student Stores/RAM Shop website for more information
You can also use Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or some other programs to run Windows on an Apple computer. You would need to purchase the software as it isn't something that UNC's offers for free. Installing Windows using this method will likely make your computer run significantly slower as it will be sharing the memory and processing power with your Mac operating system.
Even after installing Windows on an Apple computer via Boot Camp, Parallels, etc. some keyboard shortcuts used in some programs may not work the same as they would in a native Windows environment.
Preparing for a Business Career 
Windows and other Microsoft products and services are more widely adopted throughout the business world. Now is a good time to become familiar with these products in preparation for your future careers.
Mac/Apple hardware repairs can be handled by UNC's ITRC.
The KnowledgeIT website has email, wifi, network drive, etc. configuration instructions for the Mac OS.
The Kenan-Flagler IT Helpdesk will offer support for configuring Kenan-Flagler services (email, network drives, wifi, etc.) as well as best-effort support for issues beyond the basic setup.