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Configure for UNC Wireless (Wi-Fi)

The Kenan-Flagler wireless network is part of the UNC wireless network, so the same settings will work across the entire UNC campus.
UNC-PSK is a WPA2-PSK wireless network for UNC-CH staff, faculty and students. To connect to this network, you must first register your wireless clients MAC address for campus DHCP Service.
You must register the hardware address of your network card(s) with UNC. To find the hardware addresses on your device, click on the button for the device you’d like to register and follow the instructions below.  Once you have found the hardware address continue to the bottom of this webpage to complete the wireless registration.
Next, on a computer with internet access go to Scroll down to the bottom and click on the DHCP registration button. Follow the prompts and login with your Onyen.
If this is the first device you are registering it will take you immediately to the registration screen.  If you already have one device registered it will take you to the device main screen and you will need to click Add registration.  Input the hardware address that you found above for Wireless hardware address.
It will take about 20-30 minutes for your device to register.  Once you are on campus and have an active Kenan-Flagler business account we can provide you with the current password.