Standard/Conventional Form Laptop


Standard laptops are the form that most people are familiar with. The screen of a laptop folds down on top of the keyboard. This protects the screen and make the laptop easier to carry. A standard form laptop cannot fold in a way that the screen is visible but the keyboard is covered. Standard form laptops may or may not have a touch screen.

Standard/conventional form laptop computers will not be allowed in the classroom for core MBA courses. Only flat devices are allowed in the core MBA courses.




Tablets do not come with a built-in physical keyboard and may be more limited in hard drive size, processing power, and the amount of USB/video ports that it has available. There are adapters, docks, and keyboard attachments that may assist in allowing a tablet to be used more like a conventional laptop.


Convertible Tablets



Convertible tablets encompass a wide variety of styles of computer. These computers usually look similar to a standard form laptop and then can convert in to a form that looks more like a tablet. The screen can twist and fold down, flip all the way around, or come off completely so that the screen lays flat. When the laptop is converted to the tablet form it allows the user to use the touch screen, but not the keyboard. 



An Ultrabook can be a standard/conventional form laptop or a convertible tablet. The specific definition of an ultrabook involves specific size measurements, speed, battery life, etc., but basically they are lighter, thinner, faster versions of the laptop/convertible tablet.