Immunization and Medical History

North Carolina General Statute §130A 152-157 requires that all students entering college present a certificate of immunization which documents that the student has received the immunizations required by law. All new students, including visiting exchange students, must submit the Immunization & Health History Form online following the instructions provided below. 


  1. Go to: ConnectCarolina (you need your ONYEN for access)
  2. Select the 'More Student Links' tab at the top of the page and then Immunization and Medical History Form.  (For assistance completing the form, refer to the detailed instructions located on the right hand side under 'Related Files' on the Campus Health Services website.)
  3. Complete the form online, print it and either have a medical provider sign the form to verify your immunization records or you can attach verified copies of your immunization record to the form.
  4. After you have all required signatures or documentation, you may either email the form to, fax to +1-919-966-0616 or you may bring the form and all documentation with you to the required orientaiton program at the beginning of the semester.  (A representative from Campus Health Services will be present at orientaiton to collect the forms and answer any questions.)

You have 30 days after the start of classes each semester to complete all immunization requirements or you will be withdrawn from UNC.  If you do not have a particular immunization that is required within the U.S., you may schedule an appointment at UNC Campus Health after arrival to receive the vaccination.  NOTE: Campus Health Services requires all incoming international students be screened for Tuberculosis (TB) within the U.S. according to standard guidelines.  For more information regarding the TB testing, refer to Campus Health website.