Student Health Insurance
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill requires all students, including visiting exchange students, to have health insurance coverage. The UNC System Student Health insurance plan is administered by Student Blue through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC).  The U.S. does not have a national health service, and medical costs are very high.  Students who already have existing creditable health insurance coverage may select to waive the UNC insurance coverage. If the waiver process is not completed, you will be automatically enrolled and billed for the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan.  The fee for UNC Student Blue coverage for 2016-2017 is $1,111.00 per semester. Any and all fees associated with student health insurance will be billed to your student account in ConnectCarolina.
NOTE: You must be officially admitted to UNC and have a PID# before this process may be done. You will receive your PID# in a separate email after it's been created and available. 
All students must either 'Enroll' to activate the insurance or complete an online 'Waiver' process before the deadlines highlighted below each semester.  For detailed information regarding the Mandatory Student Health Insurance, visit Campus Health Services.  After reading the information, you will need to select the 'Waive or Enroll' option on the left hand column.

To ENROLL, select the 'Enroll' tab at the top of the Student Blue website and answer 'Yes' to all of the questions provided to Check Eligibility then select the 'Enroll Now' button.  You will need to select the 'New Users' tab and provide your PID# and date of birth in order to create a registered account.  You will receive an email from Student Blue stating you are enrolled in the plan and that your policy ID card will be mailed to you within 7-14 days.  Please provide a US mailing address for BCBS to mail your card.  You must enroll in the plan each semester.  Plan benefits are available at the Student Blue website and are pending regulatory approval by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. 


  • WAIVE:
To Request a Waiver, select the 'Waive' tab at the top of the Student Blue website and select the 'Request a Waiver' button. You will need to select the 'New Users' tab and provide your PID# and date of birth in order to create a registered account.  If you are waiving using an international or travel insurance, you will be required to attach proof of your insurance dates of coverage and a copy of your insurance plan benefits in English.  The documentation can be uploaded during your waiver request, emailed to Student Blue at or faxed to (919) 313-2020.  Your international policy must meet the federal minimum requirements for F or J visas.  Review the federal requirements at the Campus Health Services website for International students.   
If your waiver is approved, you will receive an email from Student Blue.  The charge showing on your student account will be removed from your University Student Account after approximately 10 business days.  The deadline to submit a waiver for the Fall semester is September 12 and Spring semester is January 31. If your waiver is denied you should address the issue immediately with BCBSNC. 
For questions regarding the mandatory insurance policy or the waiver process please contact Vicki Warwick or Sharon Moseley  You can also contact BCBS at or 1-888-351-8283.