Course Registration

Course registration begins in early April for fall semester and early November for spring semester for all current UNC undergraduate students. 

As part of your exchange application process, all nominated and eligible students are required to submit an online Course Selection Application (emailed to you) in order to request space in Business School courses only (i.e. courses beginning with BUSI).  Because exchange students are not permitted to register until after regular UNC students, the Undergrad Business Program office will hold a seat in the BUSI courses in which all prerequisites have been met and there are no restrictions for that course.  We give priority registration to our visiting exchange students so it's imperative that you submit your course information by the deadline specified in the email you received from our office and also highlighted below or we can't guarantee you will be allowed to take the desired courses you list in your application.  

Course registration is subject to availability and placement in the requested courses is not guaranteed.  The Undergraduate Business Global Programs Office will offically register you in ConnectCarolina for all the courses in which you qualify for.  You will only be registered for the number of credit hours that are required by your home university during early regisrtation.  If you wish to take additional courses you may adjust your schedule after you have received your UNC student access information.  This process is typically done in late April for fall exchange and late November for spring exchange.

When selecting the BUSI courses you wish to be registered in please refer to the two documents below (also included in the email you received).  To view other course listings at UNC, refer to the Office of the University Registrar.

Spring 2017 BUSI Course Schedule Final EXTERNAL.xlsxSpring 2017 BUSI Course Schedule Final EXTERNAL.xlsx

Undergraduate Business Electives Spring 2017.docxUndergraduate Business Electives Spring 2017.docx

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours to maintain your student visa status.  Visiting exchange students are not permitted to register for more than 18 credit hours during your exchange to UNC. 


  • We have a two year business program.  Courses in the 401-412 range are introductory business core courses for the major.  Courses numbered above 490 are advanced business electives and require an introductory course as a prerequisite (ex: any Finance related BUSI elective requires the completion of BUSI 408 Corporate Finance prior, any Marketing related BUSI elective requires completion of BUSI 406 Principles of Marketing prior, etc).  Please refer to the ‘Notes’ column within the course schedule spreadsheet for course prerequisites/restrictions.  As long as you have had the prerequisite at your home university, you may take upper level electives at UNC.


  • When making your course schedule, keep in mind that the majority of BUSI courses are held either on Monday/Wednesday (MW) or Tuesday/Thursday (TTH) and last for 75 minutes, unless otherwise indicated on the provided course schedule.  The Undergrad Business Program offers both semester length (3 credits) and MOD length (1.5 credits) courses.  MOD courses only meet for half a semester (MOD 1 - Aug-Oct; MOD 2 - Oct-Dec; MOD 3 - Jan-Mar; MOD 4 - Mar-May).


  • Some BUSI elective courses are by application and permission only.  If you're interested in any application courses, you will need to follow the guidelines and submit an application by the deadline  Please refer to the BUSI Elective Course Description document for instructions.  We will not register you automatically for these courses until you are given appropriate permission.  Until you are given permission to enroll, we strongly suggest choosing other courses to fulfill 12 credit hours in the instance you are not given permission.   These other courses may be dropped after permission is obtained.