ConnectCarolina and ONYEN

UNC uses a student portal called ConnectCarolina which is a tool that enables you to view your student record including course registration and billing information.  Before you are eligible to access this portal, you must create an identifying name specific to UNC called an ONYEN.  This will be your login and access to your student account while on exchange to UNC.  Make sure you keep this information available at all times. 

You may only create an ONYEN and access ConnectCarolina AFTER you have been officially admitted as a student at UNC, and you receive your Personal Identification Number (PID) from our office.  This process is typically done in April.

  1. Creating an ONYEN (NOTE: You must have your Personal Indentification (PID) number available)
    1. Make sure you have received your PID number.  If you have not you cannot proceed with creating an ONYEN.
    2. Go to
    3. Select "Create or Manage Onyen"
    4. Select "Create an Onyen"
    5. Select "No" when asked about a UNC Guest ID
    6. Input your specific information according to your passport and select "Submit"
  2. To access ConnectCarolina after creating your ONYEN, go to